hello world.

So, a year after being designed I have finally built my personal portfolio/blog site. This post is really just a bit of filler as to not leave this section of my website blank. I will however use it to explain the different sections of the site and what I aim to achieve with them. Each section of the site I tried to name after the real-life object you would use to show the same kind of information, i.e. notebook for writing.


As a designer and developer, I need a place to showcase my work, this is the main purpose of the site. Within each project I will try and explain what the project is about and the processes I used to complete it.


This section is basically a blog with a fancy name. I’ve always wanted a place to write about the process behind my projects which some may find of value. That being said, posts will be written entirely for my own amusement, will be filled with grammatical errors and may descend into ramblings rather than anything of value. Should be fun!

Scrapbook (coming soon)

The scrapbook section of the site will likely be a directory of things I find interesting enough to share. These could range in topic from photography to music to unpolished projects. The idea here is kind of like a blog but for lists rather than writing. Anyway, I haven’t developed it yet and judging by how long it took me to get this site up, it may be 2020 before it goes live!


A short shameless biography about who I am, what I do and where I’ve done it. Basically, it’s as section to show there is actually a human behind the work in my portfolio. Also, for a bit of fun, I included a hidden tongue-in-cheek Silicon Valley reference.


How you can get in touch with me, aimed at people looking to work with me. Nuff said.

Final words

So that’s it, filler content finished. If you’re reading this and want to work with me, I’m available in a freelance capacity as a designer and/or developer for selected projects, get in touch with me at contact@crevans.co.uk.