Hello there, I’m Christopher Evans

I’m a digital product designer and developer from Leeds, United Kingdom

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Shoutfiy is an online marketplace for buying and selling Instagram shoutouts. Find influencers that match your brand, enter your image, caption and time and we do the hard work!


Strack is a very simple tool that tracks the growth of your social media profiles and displays it through an easy to use interface. This helps brands monitor growth and gain insights into follower behaviour.


A simple tool for splitting and autoposting tweets longer than 140 characters. A simple user experience that offers value up front with a software as a service infrastructure providing additional functionality for power users wanting to get maximum value.


A simple one-page website for a social media marketing and growth agency. The aim of the website is to promote their services and generate leads.

Naughty Avocado

A simple one-page website for a small business with an email subscription, interactive map and Instagram feed.

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